Simeon Barclay: They Don’t Like it Up ‘Em

For his first solo exhibition in London, Leeds-based multidisciplinary artist Simeon Barclay presented They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em.

Drawing on a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, video and printmaking, these materials were semiotically charged with a range of diverse and symbolically rich references Barclay culled from sports journalism, Vogue magazine, Afro-Caribbean dance,  British working class history and its rogue’s gallery of maligned cult icons.

While subjectivity, personal memory, gender and cultural history are the broad brush conceptual territories covered, it was through Barclay’s unique approach to cultural archeology that a compelling and novel investigation of these categories took place.

They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em will created a seductively legible image space for audiences, in which cultural signifiers clashed and cohered to produce novel associative meanings.
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