Simeon Barclay: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Taking place on 5 July, 2015, ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’, was a one-day solo exhibition of work by Leeds-based artist Simeon Barclay.

Exhuming pop-cultural characters like Coronation Street’s Elsie Tanner and The Beano’s Plug, the exhibition attempted to uncover the links between popular cultural production and the way in which we negotiate the construction of a subjective self.

Using a schizophrenic engagement with both historical and material references, including gender performance, maligned cult figures and Vogue Magazine, Barclay attempted to re articulate the objects, signs, mannerisms and postures which become culturally produced.

These materials, through a synthesis of sculpture, painting and installation were used as a way to suggest an alternative reality, where reinvention and embellishment become the mediums for navigating desire, seduction, status anxiety and dominate conceptions of identity.





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